Our Story

We are Brent and Jessica Wedel, a husband-and-wife team. We’re on a mission to grow the sweetest berries in Oklahoma! We let our berries ripen on the vine until the natural sugar level peaks and carefully pick them at the sweetest point.

Back in 2010, we started to look for ways to diversify our farming operation. We had good sandy loam soil and a good source of ground water to irrigate with. After visiting a couple of berry farms in eastern Oklahoma, we decided that blackberries and blueberries were for us. We prepared 3 acres, planting 1 acre to blackberries and 2 acres to blueberries. We picked our first blackberry crop in June of 2012 and have marketed locally thru farmers markets.

This is a family owned business. We grow the berries, manage the pickers, and help sell. Jessica takes care of the books and sells at farmers markets. Our children, Ty (2) and Eva Beth (4), are avid tasters and apprentice pickers (mostly they follow us and eat berries).

We are one of the only berry farms in northwest Oklahoma. The sugar comes into the blackberries in the last 24 hours of ripening on the vine. It is our goal to pick them at the sweetest point. We want our customers to be pleasantly surprised by the sweetness of our blackberries!