July 11, 2016

Just wanted to update everyone.

We are not setting a booth up anywhere during the week this week.

Blackberries are available at the following locations:

Here on the farm Of course!

Koehn’s Produce Stand along Hwy. 412

Jumbo Foods, Willow, Enid

United, Willow, Enid

Whole Foods, OKC

Edmond Farmer’s Market on Saturday


Thank You!!!

The Fourth of July!

The picking is full speed ahead. It was wet this morning which is odd for this time of year but so nice. We started around 9 A.M.

Whole Foods OKC ordered for Wednesday.

There will be fresh berries delivered to Jumbos and United on Willow in Enid also.

Brent is bringing Wednesday’s picking to Way Out West in Enid on Thursday at 8:30 A.M. He will also have Blackberry Jelly for sale! I made over 400 cups this past winter.

We will see how the weather plays out this week. If we have a good picking Thursday and Friday we  will be at Norman and Edmond. I will try to keep you updated.

The BEST PLACE to buy berries is on the farm Everyday!!

Have a BERRY safe and fun Fourth!

July 1

Well the only thing that is predictable around here is being unpredictable! We had a storm last night and it has rained some this morning. If the berries are picked wet they mold faster. No picking this morning!!! Brent is working on it now and maybe have some help later on. We will for sure be in Edmond in the morning. If they can pick enough we will try for Norman. Whole Foods (OKC), Jumbos, and United on Willow are stocked. Brent to a sign to Way Out West parking lot on Garriot Rd. in Enid. He is sitting there on Thursday at 8:30 A.M. The BEST place to get the berries is Always going to be Right Here on the farm!!! If I don’t have any picked I will come help you pick some! Right now I have 130+ quarts to sell.

Wednesday 6/22/16

What a day! So Hot and Windy! I still sold a lot of berries in Fairview. Thank You! You all are awesome! We made a delivery to Whole Foods also. We will not be in Enid tomorrow. If you are planning on buying berries in Enid, they are available at Jumbo Foods and United, both on Willow. Keep checking for Saturday. We hope to go to Norman and Edmond Farmer’s Markets. One variety has peaked already. It seems to be ripening extra fast because of the weather. SOOO you had better grab them while you can and Enjoy the taste of Local!!!


Harvest is HERE!

So excited! I wanted to show you a sample of our beautiful berries but I am having trouble loading the pictures. The cooler is clean and ready. Brent has some new help coming in the morning to get aquainted with procedures. AND I have been eating blueberries… Not as many as Ty, my 4 year old boy. He is a good picker but eats about as much as he picks! We have signs out on Hwy. 412 saying “U – Pick Welcome” so turn south and join in the fun!

Spring Panic!!

Just ran outside for a little fresh air and had a spike in my blood pressure! We are soon going to be picking berries! So much to do but so exciting!

Blackberries will be right here before too long!



See the center of the bloom? Green Berries!

Freeze Damage ~ No berry in the middle of the bloom

Blueberries coming on!


Saturday 3/5/2016


Hey Everyone! I feel like a bear coming out of hibernation! The weather has been so amazing! We sprayed lime sulfur a week ago to wash all the bacteria off and get ready for a good harvest! Trying to be optimistic… A freeze could definitely happen and would almost wipe us out for this year.

I have been looking thru my recipes for something new to try. I only have frozen berries to work with… Look for blackberry sherbet. That’s whats stuck on the front of my fridge to make in the next 2 weeks. Is this a promise?????

Enemy #1

Enemy #1


Early spring in the blackberry patch. Lots of work has been done, lots to do!

Early spring in the blackberry patch. Lots of work has been done, lots to do!


Pruned blackberry canes... Much accomplished!

Pruned blackberry canes… Much accomplished!


Blueberry blooms about to open! Please don't freeze!

Blueberry blooms about to open! Please don’t freeze!



Friday ~ 7/31/15

We were rained out yesterday. Good & Bad! Who turns down rain in Oklahoma in July?!? It made our picking small but I was able to deliver to WholeFoods and Brent is on his way to Jumbo Foods right now. I have only 14 quarts leftover soooo NO FARMER’S MARKET. We may be able to do small personal orders and if the neighbors stop in but as of now we are commercially done. I will Try to keep everyone in the loop on what goes on during off season… It may be a bit sporadic though. I also have a Large file of recipes to share. Thanks to all our customers! We couldn’t do it without you!

Wednesday ~ 7/29/15

First I am sorry that I failed to keep going here on this blog.  No excuses. Everyone has a life similar but not the same as mine. This is what I often tell myself when things seem overwhelming.


Second I have minor news for most of you but wonderfully good news for those around me. I had an ultrasound this morning and baby#3 is developing normally and IT’S A BOY!! I feel so much better when the doctor tells me everything looks normal!


Back to the important stuff! We are planning to pick blackberries in the morning (which would be Thursday). It MAY be the last of the last. Up side is Brent thinks we should have enough to cover Jumbo Foods, WholeFoods, and MAYBE Enid Farmer’s Market!!! Last week, I wrote last chance on the sign there soooo if we make it, it will be a surprise to All. If someone would still like to place a small order, I am meeting some of my regular customers in Enid with Jelly, Frozen, and a few Fresh berries. Call soon!

Wednesday ~ 7/22/15

Life on the berry farm has been a little wilder than usual. I will spare you all the details. We are still picking. Our berries are available at WholeFoods & Jumbo Foods. We will pick again tomorrow morning. We have two orders to fill tomorrow and the quantity of each picking is tapering. Saturday is a special event at Enid Farmer’s Market. We are bringing the ice cream maker, Italian Ice, and, I hope, a few berries. See you there!!